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Religion and business are one. It is our privilege as missional entrepreneurs to share God’s love with our customers. And while many try to do that by leaving literature in their stores or printing Bible verses on their products, there is a more authentic, more intentional and also more successful way of doing mission work as a business owner. Learn more about this approach by filling out the following worksheet: The Spiritual Journey Canvas.

Spiritual Journey Canvas (PDF)

  1. Download this worksheet.
  2. Define your personal beliefs, based on God’s word.
  3. Define your customer’s beliefs. What world does he live in? What values does he have? What is important to him?
  4. Find the common ground. Use all common beliefs to create the beliefs & values of your company.
  5. Use the spiritual journey canvas to transform the company’s beliefs into practical acts & services. If you have questions about this step or need further assistance, feel free to reach out.

To further understand this important topic, you can watch this presentation by Hyve president Jesse Zwiker:

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Many businesses fail to thrive because they are not making enough profit to grow and scale. Use this helpful resource to brainstorm how you can turn your business around and take one step at a time to increase your profit and minimize outgoing expenses.

Hyve Profit Engineering Template (.xlxs)

  1. Download this worksheet and fill it out digitally / print it out.
  2. Try to implement each strategy that applies to your business.
  3. Measure your increase in profit and the amount of money you’re saving with each strategy.
  4. Focus on the ones that are easiest to implement and bring the most profit.