Hyvecamp Orlando

July 26 - July 29, 2020


Hyve Goes USA


HyveCamp Orlando 2020

July 26 – 29, 2020 | Orlando, FL

After three successful conferences in Berlin, Germany, HyveCamp is coming to the United States this July! Join us by booking your all-inclusive ticket for the 2020 ASI conference and Hyvecamp Orlando. Get inspired, equipped and trained how to start, grow or scale your social venture or business.


Speaker Lineup

Lorand Soares

Founder & CEO

Lorand Soares Szasz is one of the most appreciated experts in accelerated growth in Europe. His successful support seminars, his books and his entrepreneurship courses have influenced over hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. At HyveCamp Orlando, he will be presenting an extensive business development workshop to propel your business to new heights.

Ruben Dias

Founder & CEO

Ruben Dias is the CEO & Founder of FastTrack VC, an investment company for technology startups. He has an entrepreneurial track record of planning, creating and managing dozens of business ventures worldwide. Within the last ten years alone, Ruben has created multiple tech startups and achieved multi-million dollar exit deals with companies like Panda Security, Tyco International and SolarWinds. 

Daryl Gungadoo


Daryl Gungadoo’s extensive background in engineering, broadcasting and photography has taken him around the globe. He has a graduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and 96 patents to his name.  With over 20 years of experience at the Christian radio station AWR, he reshapes the idea of modern, faith-based entrepreneurship in a unique way.

Sidney Sweet


Sidney Sweet is the founder and CEO of Sweet Dried Fruits (SDF), the largest importer of raisins into the United States. His substantial knowledge and expertise in the food industry can be traced back to 1976, when he started and later sold a successful wholesale natural foods business. He is also an author and investor and will be sharing his story at this year’s HyveCamp in Orlando, FL.

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton has been speaking professionally across the globe for the past 17 years to over 350 audiences of lawmakers, academics, young adults, churches, businesses and universities. He is the founder and CEO of The New Life Challenge, a healthtech company that naturally reverses diabetes and obesity through the means of plant-based food, fitness and exercise.

Jesse Zwiker


Jesse Zwiker has founded dozens of startups, businesses and missional projects over the last decade and continues to share his passion of missional entrepreneurship on a daily basis. He currently serves as the president of Hyve International, as well as the CEO of Christian translation company Crosslingo and the missional project “Ellen4All”.


Pitch Your Idea

Get Hands-on Training by Professionals

HyveCamp is centered around a business hackathon where ideas & businesses are presented, voted on and then selected to be refined and improved collaboratively with the help of other attendees and experienced mentors. The climax of this conference is the final pitch event where those ideas are presented to a committee of investors.


Future Events

Company Logo

HyveCamp Bogotá 2020

Oct 28 - Nov 1 | Bogotá, Colombia

This October, HyveCamp is touching South American soil with the biggest faith-based conference of the year: HyveCamp Bogotá! Get inspired, trained and equipped to transform your idea into a scalable, mission-minded business. Join experienced entrepreneurs and learn from their mistakes, challenges and victories. 

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HyveCamp Madrid 2020

Oct 9 - Oct 14 | Madrid, Spain

After three successful HyveCamps in Berlin, Germany, the faith-based community of European entrepreneurs moves to the capital of Spain to inspire young Iberian students and business-minded people alike. Join us in Madrid for 5 days of business development, hackathons, pitches and much more.