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Monday 11/16

"The Migration Has Started"

Jesse Zwiker — The Migration Has Started (Global Welcoming)

Welcome to Hyve’s & ASI’s Global Summit. Hyve International president Jesse Zwiker shares what this online conference means for Adventist entrepreneurs, how Hyve got started and how missional entrepreneurship looks like in the 21st century.

Lorand Soares — The Power of Storytelling

In this keynote session, Lorand Soares shares the secret behind successful storytelling and why it is so important as a company to have a story. Stories engage your customers and drive them to buy your product or service. Beyond that, all stories have certain key components in common that can be traced back to the greatest story of all time: the story of redemption.

Steven Grabiner — Madison: Adventism’s Premier College of Entrepreneurship

The story of the founding and success of Adventism’s first self-supported college shows how entrepreneurship and mission can be closely linked. From its humble beginnings as an overworked farm, Madison has impacted countless lives, encouraging others to use their business skills to to help spread the gospel. This seminar will share principles that you can apply to your situation.

Nathaniel Peat — Learning by Doing / Being Black in Business

Nathaniel Peat is an award-winning entrepreneur, business coach and engineer. During this talk, he will share a portion of his entrepreneurial journey, talk about female innovation on his home continent and how experiential learning has accelerated Africa’s development. He will also present on the topic of being black in business today. 

Tuesday 11/17

"Startups & How-tos"

Sebastien Braxton — The $0 Startup

How do you start your own business without any funds? Is it possible to build a prototype without having investors backing the idea? Join Sebastien Braxton in “The $0 Startup” and learn more about the Lean Startup approach & practical steps you can take to put your idea into a working reality.

Andrew Perry — How to Protect & Grow Your Idea/Startup

Congratulations! You’ve got a great idea for a product, project or startup and you want to make it happen. You have a great brand name that you don’t want people to copy, so how do you protect it? Have you checked if someone is already using that brand in your target markets? There are some important steps you can take at the beginning of your startup journey that Andrew will help you with.

Chris Matts — How to Rapidly Grow Your Business

Chris Matts runs one of the leading Online Advertising companies in the Adventist world, called “Advent Digital Marketing”. He has helped dozens of companies, ministries and church entities reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. During this presentation, he will be sharing practical tips how you can grow your business, generate leads and convert new customers.

Jonathan Otto — How to Become an Influencer

Jonathan Otto used to have his normal 9-to-5 job as a teacher. Yet there has always been a deep desire for truth & justice in him. It started as a seven-year old when he saw a malnourished child on TV – he began to cry and begged his mother to donate. 25 years later, he had already founded his own charity, traveled to dozens of countries and produced multiple blockbuster documentaries with billions of dollars in revenue. Today, his online media presence entails more than 120k likes on Facebook and an email list of over 1.4 million. In this presentation, he shares how to become an influencer in this digital age and use it for God’s glory.

Harvey Alférez — AI & Mission

Harvey Alférez is the director of the Institute of Data Science at the School of Engineering and Technology, Universidad de Montemorelos, Mexico. At Hyve’s Global Summit, he will share how important Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become and how we can use this technology today for mission.

Vitaliy Lim — How to Successfully Launch an App

Vitaliy Lim is the founder and director of Adventech, an Adventist software development company based in Canada. He has released the Sabbath School App, a digital version of the Seventh-day Adventist Quarterly Study, whose guides are currently available in 29 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Malay, Indonesian and Russian. At the Global Summit 2020, Vitaliy Lim shares his own story of success, as well as how to successfully launch an app. 

Lorand Soares — Marketing & Sales Strategies

Lorand Soares is a business consultant and owns one of Eastern Europe’s most successful business development and training companies. In this session, he shares key marketing and sales strategies that need to be implemented by every faith-based entrepreneur who is dedicated about bringing his product or service to people.

Rob Bertholf — Introduction on Branding

Most SEO experts do not think about branding, but Rob Bertholf does. That is one of the many reasons why his client’s results stand out above their competitors. Understanding the company and it’s role as the bridge between their customer and their customer’s aspirations/solutions is key to not just ranking, but also converting. The importance of a good brand foundation truly cannot be overstated! Join Rob Bertholf for this short introduction on the big topic of “Branding” and get free access to his full course after the session!

Wednesday 11/18

"Corporate & Going Global"

Andrew Perry — How to Go Global

There is a saying, “Go Big or Go Home”! But should I grow my missional business to scale in my home country before expanding internationally? In today’s world of global multi-nationals and “unicorns”, competition is coming from everywhere and sometimes the best form of defense is offense. Andrew has advised clients taking their ideas from Australia to the world and has lived through the challenges himself. In this session he will help you understand some of the considerations for when and how you could “Go Global”!

Geeta Chopra — The Art of Negotiation for Everyone

How can you negotiate with your boss, your clients, your suppliers or even your wife or husband and win? How does negotiation look like from a Christian perspective? Geeta Chopra, real estate agent, TV host and international speaker explains what it takes to win every argument – and the practical simplicity of this protocol might surprise you… 

Michelle Doucoumes — Raising Support for Your Nonprofit

How can you raise support for your ministry? How do investors listen to you, how do you gain traction and get the results you need? Join Michelle Doucoumes, assistant professor of business at Southern Adventist University, for the keynote session “Raising Support for Your Nonprofit” and bring your ministry to the next level!

Steven Grabiner — Leadership & Your Brain

All good leadership involves strong relations with those working alongside the leader. Recent studies in neuroscience identify ways to harness your relational skills, make better decisions, and to become a more effective leader. Learn more about the working of your brain, and how to harness its abilities. 

Jesse Zwiker — The Spiritual Journey

How can you uniquely share the Gospel as it is found in the Three Angels’ Messages with your business today? You might think it is nearly impossible to do that effectively with your vegan cheese, your funeral service company or your online coaching sessions. Join Hyve president Jesse Zwiker in this remarkable talk on how to practically create touch points with customers that eventually lead to baptisms and conversions. 

Thursday 11/19

"Finance & Money"

Ruben Dias — Finance Tools for Startups

Ruben Dias is an Adventist investor, jury member of Hyve International and part of ASI’s executive board. He loves disruptive and world-changing ideas and supports startups and ministries who have the same vision. He has an entrepreneurial track record of planning, creating and managing dozens of business ventures in many countries around the globe. In the last ten years alone, Ruben has created multiple tech startups and has achieved million-dollar exit deals with companies such as like Panda Security, Tyco International and SolarWinds. During this presentation, he will be talking about “Finance Tools for Startups”.

Alistair Huong — Trading the Talents

Join Alistair Huong in his practical & life-changing workshop on personal investing and listen to key principles and clear instructions from God’s word and the Spirit of Prophecy. After this session, you will know what, how and where to invest. 

David Grabiner — Impacting the World Through Real Estate Investing

Every entrepreneur explores ways to become financially successful and to help others. Real estate investing is often overlooked in this regard. David Grabiner’s story demonstrates how it is possible, to carefully and methodically grow a real estate business while also helping others. Join us to hear his experience as he started investing while living in the Congo six years ago, but now manages a portfolio of $15,000,000.

Tim Aka — The Path of Least Resistance

How are prophecy and the world stock market related to each other? What can we learn from the cycles of our economy and how is our world church using this knowledge and the wisdom God gave His people to advance His cause? Join Tim Aka, Director of Investments for the General Conference in “The Path of Least Resistance”.

Andrew Perry — Tax Optimization

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21 can be applied in different ways to our life, so how can we be good stewards of the resources we receive when there is a whole world in need? In this session we will investigate the options that can be available to people, but especially given our global audience will not be providing tax advice.

Alistair Huong — Gather up the Fragments

Alistair Huong is the director of AudioVerse and blogger at https://www.savingthecrumbs.com/. During this presentation, he will be sharing practical tips how you can use your financial resources in a meaningful and biblical way.

Friday 11/20

"Technology & More"

Daniel Bruneau — An Epic Formula for becoming a Disruptive Innovator

Daniel Bruneau, PhD is the co-founder of Experience Foundry, an experience design and innovation consultancy based near Atlanta, GA. He has worked with and for NASA, Delta Airlines and many other tech / aviation companies and established himself within the field of Human Computer Interaction. During this keynote session, he will answer questions like “How does an innovator think?” and “What do I need to change or do to become an innovator?” 

Steven Grabiner — Coaching for Strong Teams

Leadership coaching is a proven tool to help leader’s each their goals, overcome weaknesses, and to grow in many areas. Unfortunately, few leaders learn how to apply the principles of coaching to their own teams. This seminar will provide practical steps to help you coach your team toward excellence.

Jonathan Wold — Our Future Is Open Source

Entrepreneurship has been a recurring theme in Jonathan Wold’s life. He started his first joint venture “SandStorm Computers” at age 17 with a friend, and has founded 6 different startups ever since. After working a few years in a big agency, he decided to join Automattic, where he currently serves as Community Lead for WooCommerce, the largest ecommerce platform on the Open Web. At the Global Summit 2020, Jonathan will be talking about the importance of Open Source & what that means for us today.

Sabbath 11/21

"The Ultimate Migration"

Vincent Bujor — Morning Routine 2.0

Your habit to success starts tomorrow. And it doesn’t start at 9AM, or whenever you decide to be at your desk. The road to success begins the second you wake up. Join Vincent Bujor in this practical and challenging workshop and learn how you can implement or completely change your morning, midday, and evening routines – to be more productive, more successful, and – more Christlike. 

Jared Thurmon — The Religion of Business

“Religion and business are not two separate things; they are one (…)”. Pastor and serial entrepreneur Jared Thurmon preaches on “The Religion of Business” and how the one cannot work perfectly without the other. Join “The Ultimate Migration” and get inspired to put this quote, the merging of religion and business, into a working reality in your life.

Rick McEdward — Business as Mission in the 10/40 Window

Jesus is coming back very soon. The signs of the times are here, and this year has shown us, maybe more than ever before in our lifetime, what it means to live at the edge of eternity. But how can Christ come back if His Great Commission is still unfinished? If there are thousands, even millions of individuals in the so-called 10/40 window, who have not even heard of His name once? RickMcEdward, president of the Middle Eastern and North African Union (MENA) explains what the world needs today, and how YOU and your startup can play a crucial role in meeting this need. It is time to finish the work, and your business can receive higher meaning and purpose when it is being carried out in the context of Matthew 28.

Gary Krause — Business as Mission in the Adventist Church

Only few Adventist Christians know what “business as mission” really means. Yet the need for it is vital, its history is long, and the evidence is compelling. How can we do business as mission in the 21st century, what can we learn from successful SDA enterprises like the Sanitarium Health Food Company, and what practical steps are there to transform our startup into a soul-winning agency? Listen to Gary Krause, director of Adventist Mission, and receive another – if not THE greatest motivator – to start your own business.

Jesse Zwiker — Business in Prophecy

“Business is worldly” and “money is evil” are a very frequent phrases in Christianity and the Church. But actually, God has revealed to us the solemn role of business and entrepreneurship in the time of the end and in the sharing of God’s love with the world. Yet these truths have been lost over time. During this keynote, you will learn what the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy say about business in the time of the end, what we as a people of God are called to do and what you personally can try to live up to this wonderful standard.

Daryl Gungadoo — Adventist Review Media Lab: Adventist Innovation of 2020

Daryl Gungadoo is an inventor, engineer, pilot and has been using his creative & unique way of thinking to forward God’s work in the field of technology and innovation. For this unique keynote session, he will be sharing what the “oldest” Seventh-day Adventist ministry (Adventist Review) has been doing to “reinvent” herself and finish the work. Join him for fascinating simulations, virtual reality and get inspired to use these technologies for evangelism in the 21st century!

Álvaro Doladé — Design Thinking

Álvaro Doladé is the managing director of Flying October, a European design consultancy with offices in Denmark and Spain. Duing this presentation, he is sharing how your company can solve problems in a more creative and natural way as they occur. Understand what bothers people, what gives them energy, and get inspired how you can create solutions to reduce obstacles and improve dedication.

Sunday 11/22

"Final Charge"

Sidney Sweet — Sharing God’s Love Through Your Company

Sidney Sweet is the owner of Sweet Dried Fruit, Inc. His company was founded in 1993 and quickly became the largest importer of raisins into the United States of America. Sidney’s company has partnerships on raisins in Chile, South Africa, Mexico, California, Uzbekistan and Argentina. During this session, Hyve president Jesse Zwiker interviews him about practical steps how we can show God’s love through our interaction with clients and customers on an everyday basis.

Cynthia Heidi — What’s Your ROI?

Do you truly understand the Biblical principles of stewardship? How effective are you at managing your assets? Take a fresh look at your life by applying a simple finance principle (return on investment) and see your time, resources, education, and career in a new light.


Devotionals & Stories of Success

Monday 11/16

“RADIM’D” — The Story of Radim Passer

A loose-living, would-be soccer star growing up in Communist-dominated Czechoslovakia becomes one of the most influential businessmen in Central Europe. Penniless at age 24, he swept the streets of Prague. Today his investment company, PasserInvest, owns some of those same streets on which high-rise corporate office buildings house world brands—Microsoft, UniCredit, and HP—and he gives all the credit to God. “Radim’d” is an incredible story of success, it is the story of Hyve investor & jury member Radim Passer, filled with moments of both heart-stopping pain and personal triumph—great losses and great accomplishments. Through it all, you see how one man’s vision to share his faith is changing his neighborhood and his city.

Markus Witte — The Real Great Reset 

We live in an exponential era. Prophetic market intelligence prepares us for rapid disruptive developments. “The Great Reset” is the theme of next year’s World Economic Forum, and with it, a fundamental change is coming. Where are we heading and what is essential for God’s people at this point of earth’s history.

Ryan Gersava — The Story of Resilience

At the age of 22, Sultan Kudarat-born Ryan Gersava (Philippines) established social enterprise “Virtualahan” bereft of any social and financial capital. The amazing part was he came from humble beginnings, being born in a family of 12 with his parents not even finishing high school. Gersava did not aspire to become a social entrepreneur and had never heard of the phrase until four months before he launched Virtualahan. In 2017, he attended the very first HyveCamp in Berlin, Germany, and ever since then, he won numerous awards, competitions and prizes around the world, including the Inspired Leadership Award previously given to Richard Branson and Melinda Gates. He is a dedicated Seventh-day Adventist and loves to share the Gospel through his social venture.

Tuesday 11/17

Maikel Moncaleano — Isaiah 58

Maikel Moncaleano is the director of Vida Sana Redension, a ministry in Colombia that seeks to offer hope to the most vulnerable community members. At the Global Summit 2020, he is sharing his personal testimony and how God has led him from a life of pleasure-seeking and sin into a full-time ministry of soul-winning and service.

Bill Knott — The Light of the World

In this devotional, executive editor of Adventist Review (AR) & pastor Bill Knott shares a personal and touching story that vividly illustrates what Jesus meant in Matthew 5:14-15 when He said “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick…”

When doing business, when starting our social venture, when we invest our resources into our best ideas – can we answer this crucial question of Bill’s story with a “yes”? 

Lori Otto — One Thought Away From a Breakthrough

Is it possible to be just one thought away from a breakthrough? What projects or dreams do you feel called to? Are you not moving forward as fast as you would like to? Join Lori Otto for this practical workshop and get hands-on advice on how to discover God’s calling for your life, how to change your thoughts, habits and actions, and listen to her encouraging personal testimony.

Michelle Doucoumes — Finding Purpose

Michelle Doucoumes serves as an assistant professor of business at Southern Adventist University, where she also coordinates the Institute for Ethical Leadership and teaches for the SALT (Soul-winning and Leadership Training) program. This devotional is entitled “Finding Purpose”

Maranatha! — The Story of Radim Passer’s Ministry

Czech investor and real estate giant Radim Passer is not only the founder of Passer Invest Group, one of the biggest investment firms in the Czech Republic. He is also the founder and director of Maranatha, a Seventh-day Adventist ministry that seeks to spread the Three Angels’ Messages through evangelistic series, publishing material, events and much more. Learn more about Radim’s ministry and how God uses his team to change thousands of lives.

Wednesday 11/18

The McNeilus Story

Many of us do not know what it means to grow up in an entrepreneurial family. Right after school, instead of playing outside with other kids or doing homework, Denzil McNeilus was dropped off at his father’s plant to package parts and grow the family business. At 26, he took over a multi-million dollar company and continued to scale it. Later, he learned important truths about combining mission & business in a very practical way and got engaged with ASI. Listen to his story of success and get inspired!

Sebastien Braxton — Biblical Economics

In the world of business, similar to the world of our spiritual lives, there is scarcity. Decisions must made because there are not unlimited resources. The same applies to eternal life. What are the guidelines for making a decision – both in the business world, and in the spiritual world?

Rob Bertholf — Journey to Find Purpose

Rob Bertholf is one of the most experienced SEO experts & SaaS providers in the world. His patents, softwares, skills and technologies have brought him to many places around the globe, including top positions for billion-dollar companies in Silicon Valley, the University of Hawai’i, and many more. At the Global Summit 2020, he shares a very personal aspect of his story, namely how God has led him through his career and life and how he received new meaning and purpose by surrendering everything to Jesus. Rob is a born-again Seventh-day Adventist Christian and currently lives in Northern California, where he loves to grow his own food and spend time with his family outdoors.

Ryan Gersava — Being the Light Through Entrepreneurship

Ryan Gersava is a Filipino entrepreneur & director of Virtualahan, a tech social enterprise that equips people with disabilities (PWDs) and other disadvantaged groups with the skills and mindset to become successful employees. Ryan is a devoted Seventh-day Adventist Christian and loves to bring his faith into everything he does – including his business. 

Ryan Gersava — Being the Light Through Entrepreneurship

Ryan Gersava is a Filipino entrepreneur & director of Virtualahan, a tech social enterprise that equips people with disabilities (PWDs) and other disadvantaged groups with the skills and mindset to become successful employees. Ryan is a devoted Seventh-day Adventist Christian and loves to bring his faith into everything he does – including his business. 

Thursday 11/19

Vincent Bujor — The Best Investment

Today’s theme of the Global Summit 2020 is “Investing, Money & Finances”. While other speakers talk about wise investment strategies and finance tools for startups, Vincent Bujor focusses on a different kind of investment – the investment of a relationship. Join him as he’s explaining what John 15:14 means in context and how we, as entrepreneurs, have to “live” this message daily.

Rosemary Benjamin — God’s Exit Strategy

Rosemary Benjamin a mission-driven business professional, passionate about building solutions from the ground up using the lean startup approach. She has worked both locally (Papua New Guinea) and internationally in the private sector in business, health, research, academia, charity and non-profit.

Tim Aka — I Know the Plans

Tim Aka, director of investments for the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists, shares his personal testimony and the marvelous story of how the LORD has led his father, his mother and eventually him and his family from a tiny island of Japan to the headquarters of the world church.

Bill Knott — Personal Courage

Courage is not a casual compliment. It is not something we just grab and have. Dive into the captivating story of 1 Samuel 14:1-15 and be reminded that God’s cause in this world has never been the task of the majority. The LORD places His people at the crossroads of this world with the good news, and personal courage is needed now more than ever.

Friday 11/20

Vitaliy Lim — The Story of the Sabbath School App

Vitaliy Lim is the founder and director of Adventech, an Adventist software development company based in Canada. He has released the Sabbath School App, a digital version of the Seventh-day Adventist Quarterly Study, whose guides are currently available in 29 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Malay, Indonesian and Russian. At the Global Summit 2020, Vitaliy Lim shares his own story of success, as well as how to successfully launch an app.

Sabbath 11/21

Bill Knott — Fire and Rain

Acts 4:23-31 and its context show us at least four characteristics of the Early Church that we are to have today. Join Bill Knott as he vividly explains how important those four aspects are and get inspired to join the most powerful movement God has ever started – His church. 

Rick McEdward — Personal Testimony

Join Rick McEdward, president of the Middle East and North Africa Union of Seventh-day Adventists, as he vividly portrays God’s marvelous leading in his life.

Vincent Bujor — The Duty That Lies Nearest

Has 2020 been a turbulent year for you? Have you gone through trials, tribulations and difficulties? If so, then you should praise God for it. There are incredible news that the Bible reveals to us, and 1 Peter 4:12-13 is just scratching the surface here. Dive into Vincent Bujor’s encouraging message and learn to find the “Duty That Lies Nearest”.

Ty Gibson — The Entrepreneur’s Secret Power

A story is intrinsic to the nature of life and reality. When it comes to entrepreneurship, stories – or rather the ability to communicate something as a story – is the single most powerful secret of success. People do not buy into raw data. People buy into a good story. In the final analysis, the best storyteller wins. Join Ty Gibson for his ontological approach to faith-based entrepreneurship.

Sebastien Braxton — Jericho Business Model

Sometimes we walk where we are not to be… we depend on our own efforts instead of God’s efforts. How do we merge the two and what can we learn from Joshua’s business of crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land?

Askwar Hilonga — Becoming Josephs and Daniels of the 21st Century

Askwar Hilonga, a Tanzanian nanotechnology engineer, obtained a PhD in Chemistry in South Korea. In 2015, at the age of 38, he launched his model of a water purification nanofilter, which earned him the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation from the British Royal Academy of Engineering Academy and tens of thousands of dollars of support. Listen to his testimony, get inspired how God has led him in his life and learn what you can do to become a Joseph or Daniel of the 21st century.

Askwar Hilonga — Becoming Josephs and Daniels of the 21st Century

Askwar Hilonga, a Tanzanian nanotechnology engineer, obtained a PhD in Chemistry in South Korea. In 2015, at the age of 38, he launched his model of a water purification nanofilter, which earned him the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation from the British Royal Academy of Engineering Academy and tens of thousands of dollars of support. Listen to his testimony, get inspired how God has led him in his life and learn what you can do to become a Joseph or Daniel of the 21st century.

Sunday 11/22

Alistair Huong — Finding God’s Will

Are you struggling to find God’s will for you life in this day and age? Listen to practical advice from Ellen White’s writings, get inspired by the apostle Paul’s testimony and join Alistair Huong as he is sharing his own testimony of how the LORD has led him and his family.


Full Speaker Lineup

Tim Aka

Director of Investments, General Conference

Darlene Arapoc

Hyve International

Harvey Alferez

University of Montemorelos

Rosemary Benjamin

CEO, Allegiance Health

Rob Bertholf

TechFounder, Bertholf Ventures, LLC

Sebastien Braxton

Business Consultant, Fiat Lux

Daniel Bruneau

Co-Founder, Experience Foundry

Vincent Bujor

Manager, Hyve International

Geeta Chopra

TV Host, Speaker

Ruben Dias

Investor, FastTrack VC

Álvaro Doladé

Design Thinking, FlyingOctober

Michelle Doucoumes

Southern Adventist University

Jonathan Dysinger

Owner, Farmer's Friend LLC

Ty Gibson

Co-director, Light Bearers

Ryan Gersava

Award-winning Founder, Virtualahan

David Grabiner

Real Estate Investor

Steven Grabiner

President, OCI

Daryl Gungadoo

Award-winning Inventor, GC

Cynthia Heidi

Senior Manager & Consultant

Seth Hill

Founder, SWAYY

Askwar Hilonga

Award-winning Engineer & Inventor

Dan Houghton

Investor & President, Hart Research

Danny Houghton

CCO, Silver Hills Bakery

Alistair Huong

Director, AudioVerse

Gary Kent

Speaker & Director, The Incredible Journey

Bill Knott

Director, Adventist Review

Gary Krause

Director, Adventist Mission (GC)

Vitaliy Lim

Founder, SDA Sabbath School App

Chris Matts

Founder, Advent Digital Marketing

Rick McEdward

President, MENA Union of SDA

Denzil McNeilus

Investor & Jury Member

Maikel Moncaleano

Director, Vida VIDA SANA Redension

Sam Neves

Associate Director of Communications, GC

Jonathan Otto

Investigative Journalist & Filmmaker

Lori Castillo Otto

Life Coach & Natural Medicine Advocate

Radim Passer

Investor & Jury Member

Nathaniel Peat

Founder & CEO

Andrew Perry

Founder, TMI Group

Gary Rayner

Founder, LifeProof

Lorand Soares

Accelerated Growth Expert

Lyndon Sweeney

CEO, Ark Digital Agency

Sidney Sweet

CEO, Sweet Dried Fruits Inc.

Jared Thurmon

Pastor & Entrepreneur

Ted Wilson

President, General Conference of SDA

Markus Witte

Pastor & Corporate Manager

Jonathan Wold

Strategist & Consultant

Jesse Zwiker

President, Hyve International

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