Hyve International

Business Consulting

As a business owner, you are probably aware of the sobering fact that 50% of startups fail within the first five years. For ministries, the stats don’t look much different. Your business is not gaining traction, it is not taking off, you don’t sell – and the worst part about it is: You don’t know why.

50% of Businesses Fail
Within the First 5 Years
Tailored Consulting
Access to Experts in Your Field

For the past 15 years, our consultants have specialized in assisting Christian businesses. We help you gain traction, generate leads and become more profitable. Within weeks, you will be able to see not only why your business was languishing, but also how you can take action to propel your startup to the highest level possible.

With an ingenious curriculum and easy-to-follow steps Hyve is equipping your business to become more profitable, more impactful and scalable! 

Personal Consulting

$250per session
perfect for your idea, startup and business
50% discount for all qualifying ministries
10 consulting sessions with an expert (60 min)
comprehensive curriculum with fillable worksheets, matrixes and many more evaluation tools
specific tasks to complete between each session
only $60/hr for group consulting! (up to 5 people)
100% money back guarantee

Corporate Consulting

$2,500per month
10 hours of research, proposal development & analysis
up to 10 hours of free consulting & phone talks per month
Hyve's team of consultants, lawyers and experts at your fingertips
comprehensive curriculum with fillable worksheets, matrixes, and many more evaluation tools
market research, business development and evaluation all done by Hyve
cancel at any time

Premium Consulting

professional "all inclusive" consulting + research for your business
10 consulting sessions with an expert (60 min)
Hyve's extended curriculum of fillable worksheets, matrixes, and many more evaluation tools
all market research & recommendations done by Hyve
HR development, marketing & sales engineering
developing objectives for internal business Process perspective

Strategic Planning

facilitation of a full strategic planning process for your business, enterprise or ministry
ideal for expansion, pivoting and reorienting
6+ months of research & development
determination of scope, budget and timeline
full market analysis, including relevant societal mega trends
development of surveys, baseline & research of organizational history
research of up to 8 fields of action based on comprehensive parameters
up to 3 strategic summits to develop & execute a vision
weekly meetings with our consultants to track progress
complementary dashboard to implement your strategic plan
flexible implementation: full execution by Hyve or hybrid model solution

No more questioning why your products aren’t selling. No more wondering why you are not gaining traction.  Click here to get connected to our team of experts and schedule your first FREE 30-min coaching session today!